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The V40 has an upmarket, expensive look and is safe and well equipped…In that void between the prestige junior executive estates (BMW 3 Series Touring, Audi A4 Avant) and the upper end of the hatch-based vehicles (VW Golf Estate) the V40 reigns supreme. A sound used buy.

2002 (52) Volvo V70

2.4 SE Petrol Estate

What the papers say

2003 (03) Mercedes-Benz 2dr Roadster

SLK 320 V6 Convertible


What the papers say

”Put the foot down and all you can hear is that glorious engine note. One of the cars that changed the image of Mercedes forever. Own and enjoy.”

“With its electric folding roof, the SLK is still a stylish car and a wonderful tool for browsing the back lanes. The V6 engines are strong and powerful”

"Buying a used example means buying into the legendary reliability without sacrificing style or driver appeal. The best of all worlds? Volvo owners would have you believe so…Roomy, durable, well screwed together...this is a car for those who treat their cars well and in return expect trouble free motoring. As a used buy, the V70 makes good sense, although first you may have to prise the current owner's fingers from the registration document. It's a car with no hidden surprises, no stings in the tail, and for the target customer, that's very good news indeed.

"Combines driving pleasure, grandeur and down-to-earth practicality in even measure. And

when it comes to the crunch, you won't find a better protector"

The Volvo V40 is in many ways the forgotten small estate. Whereas used buyers coo over the BMW 3 Series Touring and Audi's A4 Avant, the V40 changes hands less frequently. Why? Volvo owners seem to know when they're getting a good thing and the V40 ticks all the boxes with the minimum of flash, fuss and frustration.


“To compete in a market that was being squeezed from above by premium marques like BMW and Audi and from below by increasingly sophisticated family hatches. In order to stand out, Peugeot needed to create a car that made a definitive statement and the 407 did just that. A return to a more French kind of car, the 407 offered very good build quality, excellent ride and refinement and distinctive styling. Used examples are now beginning to appear in meaningful numbers and can represent a very cost effective way of landing a high quality modern medium range family car”

2004 (04) Volvo V40

1.8 Petrol Estate

What the papers say

2006 Peugeot 407 5dr Hatchback

2.0 SE 5dr Hatchback

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